Pitch yourself authentically AND effectively (men & women welcome)
6:30 PM18:30

Pitch yourself authentically AND effectively (men & women welcome)

What would you say to your biggest career influencer if you cross them in an elevator?

At all moments in life we are influencing others and pitching ourselves and our ideas, even without knowing. It is therefore important to be effective in the way we do so, without losing our own authenticity.

Barbara Rogoski, International executive speaker coach, senior TEDx coach (with more than 100 TEDx speakers trained) and author of "Boring to Brilliant! A Reference Guide for Speakers" will share her knowledge in this practical and interactive workshop to help you write and pitch your own hero story, authentically. 

You will receive coaching and feedback within the supportive workshop environment to help you advance your career! 


Event only: €23.50

Event + Dinner + Glass of Champagne: € 50

Late comer: Networking and Dinner (as of 20:30): € 32.50

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Business Body Language Workshop (Men & Women Welcome)
6:30 PM18:30

Business Body Language Workshop (Men & Women Welcome)

Did you know that we are judged within 7 seconds on our trustworthiness and competency? And that our body language can have 4 times more impact on our 1st impression than any other factor?

Just as a picture can say more than 1000 words, you can derive more from non-verbal communication than what is said. But how aware are you of your own ‘business body language’? What is the impact you have on others and how can you read their body language as well?

In this session Joanna Polak-Goodman will show you:

  • The non-verbal communication ‘tool box’ and importance of a congruent image

  • The 5 key body language gestures and how to discover your default gesture

  • How to read the non-verbal signs you are receiving from others and how to adjust your presence accordingly


Joanna is an International Corporate Image and Personal Brand Coach who draws on her 20 years’ experience as a director in Banking and Wealth Management in the ‘Square Mile’, the financial hub in the City of London. She recently served on the Board of PWN (Professional Women’s Network) where she focused on empowering professional women to take control of their financial lives.

A savvy networker, collaborator and champion of women’s advancement, Joanna is dedicated to helping women use their professional presence as a tool to reach peak performance and close the gender pay gap.

In her practice, Imagetalks, Joanna shows professional women how to increase their visibility in the workplace by maximizing their positive personal impact. Through Joanna’s training, women become more self-assured and memorable by decoding and appropriately responding to the non-verbal cues that can cause unconscious bias.

Joanna delivers challenging and motivating presentations and workshops to the international business community, as well as one-to-one sessions with individuals to help develop their personal impact into executive presence.

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